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Dr. E. Dewey Conference

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Mr. Marketology

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Meat - Don't Open Til Christmas

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A message to the church

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The Church Singing at Midnight

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I am best at not quitting

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A Mind To Work

1,931 Pamjet

A Donkey Called Grace

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We Can Believe in Tomorrow

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The Morning from now on

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On Jeruslem

4,967 Pamjet

The Time Remaining

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Christmas Reconsidered

1,484 Pamjet

Christmas The Larger Prespective

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Stepping Across The Stars

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The Reality of the unclosed door

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Essentials of our Life Together

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No Whistling In The Dark

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Foot Washing

1,724 Pamjet

Standing In The Gap

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Valentine Forever

688 Pamjet

An Encouraging Word

905 Pamjet

Love's Premiere Expression

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Some Peoples Just Don't Get It

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Breaking The Prescription Down

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Being thankful makes everything

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Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart

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Essentials of our Life Together

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Famous last words

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A rabbit that wont break down

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Stop Kidding Yourself

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Only 2 Lines But saying them well

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Famous last words

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