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Manna of Heaven Ministr|Uganda

"This is the bread which comes down from heaven not as your fathers ate the manna and are dead . He who eats this bread will live for ever" (John 6:58)

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We are a National/International Christian Ministry focused on holistic development of mankind, fulfilling the great Commission of Jesus Christ, promoting  family welfare, fellowship of believers, victorious Christian living, planting and establishing Churches and true worship of the living God,  



To Enlighten, Envision, Empower and Mature the body of Christ for works of Ministry



To fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ to the World, show the love of God to fellow mankind, ensure victorious Christian living and glorify God in Worship.



  1. Family: Promote establishment of stable God glorifying Christian families (Eph.5:22-6:4)
  2. Great Commission: Winning the Lost to Christ and Discipling them (Math.28:18-20)
  3. Fellowship: Fellowship in the Church and in homes. The fellowship shall embrace praise and worship, exhortations, prayer, the word and responding to needs (Acts 2:42-47).
  4. Church Planting: We shall plant and establish Churches both in urban centers and rural areas (Acts 15:41, 16:5)
  5. Prayer: We are a house of Prayer (Math.21:13-14)
  6. Victorious Christian Living: Ensure that we train and equip believers for Spiritual warfare and make them overcomers in Christ (Eph.6:12,  1Cor.15:57, 1John. 5: 4)
  7. Time Management: Appropriate use of the time God has allotted to us  (Eph.5:15-17)
  8. Right Doctrine: Scriptural basis for every Doctrinal teaching and practice (2Tim 3:16-17)
  9. Love: Loving God and one another in Christ (Math.22:36-40, 1John. 4:7-8)

10. Financial management: Accountability and transparency in Financial and resource management (2Cor 8:18-22)

11. Freedom in Christ: Life of faith in Christ as the basis of Christian living and practice rather than observance of the law (Col. 2:20-23, Gal.3:1-5, Rom.3:19-31,6:14)

12. PHD Ministry: Preaching, Healing, Deliverance and ministering to needs (Lk.4:18-19)

13. Leadership development: Train, Ordain and Place leaders (Eph.4:11-12, 2Tim .2:2)

14. Relationships: Grace and Truth the basis for teachings and relationship  (John 1:17)

15. Conflict Resolution: Openness and transparency to one another and to the Leadership, ensuring forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration (Math.18:15-19, Zech.8:16)

16. Service to Community: Express Christ’s love to our community through charity/ community projects and out reaches to Prisons, hospitals and Schools.

17. Youth Ministry: Encourage youth participation and involvement in serving God (Ecl.12:1)

18. Children’s Ministry: Teach and train children to know God (Pr.22:6)

19. Women Ministry: Raise mature Christian women of good reputation                (Titus 2:3-5)

20. Body Ministry: Help believers discover their Spiritual gifts and use it for the benefit of the body of Christ (1Cor 12)

21. Holistic development: Promote development of the whole person Spiritually and physically (Ps.1)

22. Fund raising: Raise financial contributions from the local Church and Internationally as donations, gifts and offerings to promote the work of God.

23. Partnership: We value Partnership with other Christian ministries with similar objectives and beliefs for the promotion of the Gospel and welfare of our communities. (Php.4:15-16)

24. Baptism of the Holy Spirit: It is a requirement to empower a Christian for works of service to Christ (Acts.1:4-5,8)

25. Christian Sacraments: We shall observe the sacraments of water baptism by immersion, Holy Communion, Holy matrimony, laying on of hands and Ordination.  (Math.3:15)



  1. Church Planting: Plant Manna of Heaven Churches in urban centers and rural areas of Uganda and at an appropriate time plant Churches in other nations of the World and appointing leaders over those Churches.
  2. Leadership Development: Train and equip our Leaders through in house leadership and theological  training by our senior Pastors, short Bible training courses available by external facilitators to our Region and Bible School training.
  3. Great Commission: Preach the Gospel and make Disciples in our region, surrounding regions and overseas as the Lord equips us, gives us the opportunities and the resources to fulfill this noble cause to fulfill the great commission.
  4. Infrastructure:   Our vision is to acquire land for the headquarters, formalize the documentation of donated land for our rural Churches and construct permanent /semi-permanent structures for our Church services.
  5. Transport:  Acquire a truck for evangelistic missions, four wheel drive box body vehicles for our senior over seers, motorcycles and or bicycles to facilitate the movement of some of our Pastors and Church leaders.
  6. Community Social Obligation: We intend to impact the community around us by carrying out services that benefits the community during annual Church anniversaries  such as clearing bush around community water points, clearing soil damaging polythene bags from homes and gardens and helping the elderly/sick in the community. We also intend to help orphans, widows, the elderly, and people with disabilities and the poorest of the poor from the communities as the Lord gives us the provision through our trusted ministry partners and Church members contributions.
  7. Contribute to Government development Plan: We intend to contribute to the broader development plans of the government in the areas of health and education by putting up some Schools (formal and vocational) and health facilities. This shall be managed by technocrats within the Church leaving Pastors to concentrate on Spiritual ministry of the word and prayer.
  8. Preaching and Teaching in Churches: Messages taught/preached from our Pulpits shall be geared towards achieving our vision, purpose and fulfilling our core values.
  9. Evangelistic Campaigns: We shall carry out door to door preaching, street preaching, open air crusades, distribution of Gospel tracts and through the electronic and print media

10. Visiting Ministers: We shall invite ministry friends and Partners locally and internationally to support our vision as a ministry.

11. Personal Development of Church members: We shall involve members and leaders in developmental activities and projects for the benefit of their families and the ministry.

12. Welfare support ; To motivate retired Church ministers who offered dedicated service to the Kingdom of God

13. International out reaches: Support and release our Ministers who are invited in personal capacity or on behalf of the ministry to an International out reach.

14. Discipleship: Prepare Discipleship teaching materials for young converts and other groups in the Church such as youth, women, business men etc.

15. Library: Establish library with a collection of Christian literature, reference theological books and other resources.

16. Ministry Involvement: Every member shall be encouraged to get involved in serving God in some way in the local Church as per their Spiritual gifts and motivations.

17. Ministering to Needs: Include prayer ministry for healing, deliverance and other needs during our Church services and fellowships.

18. Fellowships: Organize fellowships and Bible study sessions in the Church and in home cells.

19. Seminars/Conferences: Organize seminars and conferences for different aspects of Ministries within the Church.

20. Praise and Worship: Train our Praise and Worship teams in the Church to be out standing in conduct and excel in local and International songs.

21. Recorded Tapes: Recorded gospel tapes for messages and songs freely given or sold to the body of Christ.

22. Prayer Meetings: Organize routine prayer meetings aimed at equipping the saints in Intercessory Prayers and Spiritual warfare.

23. Prayer and Fasting: Teach believers to practice regular prayer and fasting both individually and corporately in order to ensure victorious Christian living.

24. Assembly day: Organize three to five Churches located within one vicinity to meet together on one Sunday in a month for a joint Sunday service (assembly day) for purposes of encouraging fellowship and the breaking of bread.

25. Partnership with other Ministries: Partner with other ministries with similar vision and beliefs in the areas of Leadership training and development, Revival conferences, Prayer and Community outreach initiatives.


 Contacts for Ministry Founders /vision bearers:

  1. Pastor George Okello:- Founder Member/Director General and Coordinator for Evangelism and Missions   Mob.+256-785-840-159/+256-757-053-442                                                                     

Email; okellogeorge98@yahoo.com

 2.Pastor Alfred Odur:- Founder Member/ Director General Administration /Senior Pastor Email oduralfred@yahoo.co.uk or oduralfred@gmail.com          Mob.+256-772-670-418/+256-750-409-166

  1. Pastor Dorcus Odur- Founder Member /Director, Coordinator for Prayer                                                         

      Mob +256-786-151-724/+256-759-268-657




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