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Coolest Christian Videos|United States

What if Lady Gaga loved God? Have you seen that music video made by a youthgroup!

Now wait a minute?! Just who are we?

We are a group of people who believe Christian videos can be more than preaching and teaching! We think we can have fun! Be relevant! So we scrounge and search the Internet for what we think are the coolest Christian videos, TV shows, and films out there!

We hope your enjoy our page, have some fun, join our group, and share interesting videos that you have found as well!

Featured Video of the week!

What If Lada Gaga Loved God? Inventive group of young people at a church rewrite a well-known song!

Metal Warrior

It is made Good with the Figures of Lego


Ecclesiastes 3 1 To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven:


Aw too cute! It is never too early to teach your kids to pray :)


Very awesome "Father's love letter"

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