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Father, as we move forward with everything you called us to, we earnestly pray for the right new partner to come alongside CROSS.TV to advance, steward and lead this awesome social media |Me teper

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Praying for our enemies Jan 24, 2013 - Feb 13, 2013 5 Komentet

As believers it is required from us to forgive and to bless our enemies. Most of us do not have many real "enemies", but we have people who have hurt us, disappointed us, let us down, betrayed us, took advantage of us. That actually often includes friends - people we trusted. Without us even being aware of it, our heart sometimes silently puts those people into that "enemy category", thus silently turning friends into enemies deep down inside of us. Praying for our enemies transforms our heart towards those who did us wrong and it is a recommendable action for each day or at least once a week. I would like to start right here and confess this prayer in front of friends an contacts on CROSS.TV - to make a public statement of forgiveness (and you are all welcome to hold me to it!): Father, I would like to bless every person who has ever done me wrong. I would like to ask for blessings, protection, increase and favor for each and every person who ever disappointed me, let me down, betrayed me or took advantage of me in any shape or form - whether it was deliberately or not. I would like to bless every who every person who worked for me, every vendor, every friend, every relative. I would like to bless everyone who was incapable to understand, thus misunderstanding me, my actions or situations. I would like to bless everyone who ever took advantage of my trust and the favor I met them with. I would like to pray for them, intercede for their families, their businesses, their ministries and ask you to please fulfill their hearts desires. Lord, give them everything they ever dreamed of! Advance and protect their lives in every area! Allow them to enjoy their days to the fullest. I hereby rebuke the real enemy from hurting them and I cancel the law of sowing and reaping in their case and want to declare that nothing they brought over me shall come over them - nothing they sowed into my life shall seek them out. Lord most high, I fully trust you not to judge any of my enemies, but to give them favor and blessings instead. I declare that they will be entirely free and I release them from every type of debt towards me. They owe me nothing - no apology, no discernment, no pay-back, no compensation. I release them of it all and will not look back to seek any of it. I hereby declare freedom and will not hold anyone captive in my heart. I bless each and everyone my heart formerly might have declared as "enemies" and I plead for forgiveness, restoration, blessings and favor on their behalf, God. Let them find favor with you! I am so thankful that you have forgiven me, that you are patient with me and that you are not holding my transgressions against me. I thank you, Lord, for allowing me to find favor with you. You are my defender, you are my lawyer, you are my righteousness and you know it all! You have witnessed every situation and you know the complete truth. I have no need to seek justice on my own, as you promised to fight for me - on my behalf. The battle is all yours and I fully rest in your peace. I thank you, God, for freedom today and I rejoice with everyone I prayed for today - for all the blessings that you are about to send their way! How wonderful to know that you will bless them and that no harm will come near to them! I pray and intercede for my "enemies" today. Thank you Lord for your loving kindness sweeping over all of us today! In Jesus' name! Amen