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Centro Cristiano Internazionale, FR|Italy

Sto cercando di compleatre l'iscrizione a questo gruppo (Cross.TV), e cercare di capire bene come funziona! :-) I am trying to complete the subscription to this group to better understand how it works! :-)

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We need suporters for our Evangelistic activities and church planting in the province of Frosinone Italy. Did you know that Italy has only 0.4% of Evangelical believers? With the excuse |Me teper

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Dear Beloved in Christ,

Greetings and blessings from Italy.

Finally, I can sit down and write some news to you, who have been so patient in waiting to hear from us.

Unfortunately, as I already notified you, we lost our grand-ma "Italia" ...Anna's mother, and because I was her first son in-law, plus the Pastor of the church, I had to get involved in all the business of the burial situation and also try to get and somehow hold, the family together (five children, the in-laws and all the grand-children).

We thank God for the way He guided us especially for the funeral, which was attended by hundreds of people, between their relatives, my relatives, our church members and all their friends, since she lived some ten miles away from us.

People were very respectful of the way we did the funeral, and many had already attended her husband's funeral four years ago. So they were looking forward to be there again and all the people applauded when we sang the first song. ...Let's pray that God's Word has been received in their hearts and that something good will come out of this sorrow.

Spiritually and evangelistically speaking, we have been holding more evangelistic outreaches in the cities of Frosinone, Sora and Isola del Liri. Isola del Liri it's another city which it's a few miles before Sora. In the past I have been setting a table with gospel literature in the public market for a full year. We pray that the seed we have been sowing has fallen in good soil and that we will see the fruit of our labour.

As previously notified, this Fall I will not come to the USA. One reason for that it's the fact that Anna, Joy and Alessio (my wife, our daughter and our grand-son), came on May 31st for two weeks because we had two new grand-daughters being born in the Boston Area, so they wanted to see them for the first time. So, the expenses were quite a lot, and I could not afford another trip at this time. Then, the second reason it's the fact that with God's help, beginning from March 2012, I will start a series of trips to different nations in Africa, then to India, to Pakistan, perhaps even to Myanmar, and finally to Nepal.

The reason for this trip it's Apostolic, in the sense that I have sent Bible teachings to over 180 pastors and Elders who have not had the opportunity to go to a Bible School, for financial reasons or because they were too far away from a Bible School. Most of them live in the rural areas. So, I have told them that on Spring 2012, I would visit them, hold a Conference amongst them, give them a Bible test and then I will hand them a Certificate for their learning.

Before I sent them the Bible teachings, I sent them a Preliminary Biblical Test, only to find out that the majority of them could not respond correctly to 16 simple Bible and doctrinal questions. So, the Lord spoke to my heart and said that if we can change the situation of at least 150 of them, they in turn will be able to teach other young Pastors and they churches, and should the Lord tarry, we will be able to impact all the generations from this one and on, until the lord comes back. This will help their ministry grow much more, as some of them have already been testifying.

Just to provide them the Bible teachings, between photocopying and shipping, thanks to the help of our church as well, we spent close to 2,000.00 Euro, which it's 2,800 Dollars. ...Of course, now comes the big expenses, which will include air travelling to: Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, DR of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Malawi in Africa. Then I need to visit Pastors and churches in three states of India, and then in Myanmar and Nepal. ...A total of 16 different nations, for which the Visa alone will cost about $ 100. 00 each, then the Airfare will be around $ 1,000.00 each. For some of the flights I may need to come back to Italy and depart directly from here. Then I will have to take care of my hotel (at least in a few cases), and for my personal expenses. Then I will have to help cover some of the expenses which these Pastors and their people need to make, to come and attend the Conference.  

I don't have a specific figure yet, and I don't believe I'll be able to have one, but I am sure it will be more than $ 20,000.00. This means that without a Miracle from God; ...and without your help, I may be able to leave Italy, but I am not sure that I would be able to come back! :-) So, please, ...I need your prayers and your financial support. I shared with you the importance of this mission trip, and although my wife will have to stay home, we did not expect that her mother would pass away, so perhaps if we had known this I would have not promised these Pastors in Africa and Asia that I would have gone there, but I need to go! It's very important to them and to their churches! And yet I need to live my wife with some necessary money and with the assurance that by the grace of God and through your prayers, I will be safe and that I have enough money for any emergency.

Will you help me and these Pastors in need? ...I was hoping that although I am not visiting you this Fall, that if every Pastor would still take an offering from the church like if I was there, for this special mission, and if every individual supporter would double their monthly support for this month, plus if every friend who has never sent out any support to Operation Italy, would do it just for this time, only once, I am sure that we will be able to cover all the expenses we need to cover.

...Is that a bad proposal? I believe it's very good and I am sure that being a part of this special mission outreach, not only you will be partaking to the growth and benefit of our pastors and their churches in these nations, I also know, and your know, that God will not fail to bless you in a mighty way.

Brethren, I am expecting a Miracle, and by faith, I am preparing to go! Are you preparing to pray for us and to give? ...I hope and pray so.

One last thing beloved, please pray for my safety and for my health. This is the thing which concerns my wife and my family the most.

I have given my life to God for His service, and I have opened my heart to you all. Let's get all together and let's give the enemy a big blow, for the glory of God and for the growth of His (and ours to be) Kingdom!

We love you all and we expect to hear from you real soon. ...Thank you so much for what you will be enabled to do.

With much love in Christ,
Your missionaries, Abel Aureli and family


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Thanking you brother ABEL I am from INDIA you sent me a some booklet papers to me to TADIPUDI,But I left Tadipudi some one working I am in GUNTUR, AndhraPradesh,INDIA .Please pray for us.


Thanking you brother ABEL I am from INDIA you sent me a some booklet papers to me to TADIPUDI,But I left Tadipudi some one working I am in GUNTUR, AndhraPradesh,INDIA .Please pray for us.

Centro Cristiano Internazionale, FR wrote a comment to the gallery

A number of photos of Operation Italy Ministries in the province of Frosinone, Italy

Pastor Listowell

Hello Workers of God, May God bless you for the Good work you are doing, I will be very happy to join you in your ministry to help you. If you will like to work with m, I will be waiting for your reply. Hope to hear from you soon. Stay Blessed. Rev. James Aryee.


Dear Brother ; Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.. We are praying for you and your team all of your expenses. May God give you more strength and Bless you. Amen.

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