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Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis

JewishVoiceDaily half-hour TV show discussing Israel, current events, and Bible prophecy from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

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Easter through a Jewish Lens

1,121 Pamjet

From Survive to Thrive

1,040 Pamjet

The Observance of Passover

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Old Testament Covenants

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Purim: A Time to Celebrate

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Acres of Diamonds

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Rekindle the Altar Fire

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The Jewish Voice Bible

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The Covenants, Part 3

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The Covenants, Part 2

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JVMI Holiday Bible

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Celebration of Chanukah

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The Parasha

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JVMI Holiday Bible

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Sukkot - Dwell with the Lord

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The Harbinger II, Part 2

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The Harbinger II, Part 1

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The Lost Tribes, Part 1

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