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14 I will not punish your daughters, when they commit whoredom, nor your brides, when they commit adultery, for men themselves go apart with whores, and they sacrifice with shrine harlots. Therefore the people without understanding will fall!Hosea 4

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E-mail from my dear brother to me.

May 18, 2014

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Dear in Christ,
How are you and your family …
The Lord is going to use you in very unique way in this season to come he is giving you fresh apostolic revelation anointing and all those that have come against you in the pass concerning your preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ he has made your enemies your foot stool that you may get to the place and places he is taking you. The father is also bringing you to the forefront in this New season no longer we you be behind I see God giving you even a larger platform in this season I see cancer being heal, divers diseases praise God he is going to use you mighty. I'm seeing radio, television I’m aware that you are in Pakistan but God is going to take you're ministries Global International as well I’m all so hearing the United States, don't get wearied in doing that which is Good . There is a Holy Ghost anointing God has given you to break chains, destroy strong hold, and to do warfare against the spirit of darkness he is also equipping you for the saints that they may be established and that they remain in Him he is a wonderful savoir. The Lord would have me sing, I Will do a new thing in you I will do a new thing in you that thing that you hope for that thing I will do a new thing in you. Father God wants you to know that He is well pleased in you His son.
He is going to bring finance not just for your ministries but for you and your household. God had others in your past generations he chose but when you hear God's speak you answered the call. You are God chosen for the Kingdom to Bring a people through for such a time as this as Queen. Ester you can go before the King. I hear much in the storehouse for you. God bless you and Kingdom Love!!!