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The Encouraging Story of Addison Tweedy

Mar 18, 2011

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A few weeks ago we announced the winner of our first ipad giveaway contest, Addison Tweedy. The other day he contacted us and told us his story, which was so encouraging that we decided to share it with you.

Addison is a missionary with Every Nation Ministries, he and his family help plant churches and campus ministries all over the world. Addison’s son was diagnosed with a learning disorder and placed in speech therapy which was helping him tremendously, however, over the course of the last year the Tweedy’s family medical bills were so high they were forced to cut costs everywhere they could; including the therapy sessions.
Shortly after they withdrew their son from speech therapy an ipad app was published that could replace the costly therapy, giving the Tweedy’s hope that their son might be able to continue his progress.

Seeing as how their bills were still incredibly high Addison and his family started praying for an ipad. They even entered several online contests and competitions for them, always steadfastly praying and trusting God to provide for them.

While this was happening, on the other side of the world in’s European offices, our team was praying for God to influence the random selection of the winner of our ipad contest. Through divine inspiration God made sure Addison and his family were randomly selected as the winners. No one at our office had any idea of the countless hours the Tweedy’s had spent praying and asking God to provide exactly this for them.  

Addison’s son now spends an hour a day with his ipad making great progress. Addison also uses the ipad for his daily devotions and Bible readings.

Addison is also a stand up comedian and performs all around the country. For more information about Addison Tweedy, his family, testimony, and his comedy visit 

We hope Addison’s story was as encouraging to you as it was to us. For us it was just another reminder that we serve a great and loving God who always looks out for His children. Who knows... the next winner could be you! God KNOWS what you need and will make sure that you will receive it - maybe not at first attempt, maybe not immediately - but definitely at the right time!


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