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Adjustable Speed Angle Grinder - Control the RPMs

Aug 24, 2019

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The actual variable speed angle grinder is the best way to know what pace your disc is moving at. The reason for this type of device is so special discs can be used. Not all discs will keep together at 20, 000 rpm's. What some people do not realize is the actual speed that the outside of a disc is actually spinning at. On a small ¼ inch disc, having an rpm of 11, 000, the outer edge is relocating at nearly 180 mph. Not every job needs which kind of speed nor can all the different types of disc manage it.

Cutting concrete with a diamond disc does not need to become tightly controlled in terms of speed but buffing a car's hood does. A high speed buffer that is variable will certainly leave swirl marks on the hood and possibly burn the actual paint. This would be disastrous for a detail shop to do. This really is just one example of why variable speed angle grinders are extremely handy to have.

If your tool is pneumatic, the speed could be controlled by the air pressure but having the speed control within the tool itself adds to the precision of the control and comfort if more or less speed is needed.

There are two different types of models available that are of variable speed control. There is the slip speed control in which reproducing the same speed is very hard to do but all speeds are obtainable within the tool's mobility. The preset speed tool allows for consistency when performing exactly the same task repeatedly and the speed is known and needs to be reproduced.

With a variable speed angle grinder, any job through polishing to cutting can be performed with the appropriate speed to perform to the job correctly and as safely as possible.